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Blown Away
You're blown away now
The wind took you swiftly away
without the care you deserve
and the respect in my heart
Others burn your remains
while I remember what you were
kind and hard in his likeness
until you were ignored
Care is taken with calloused hands
before those hands are mislaid
The wind carries your ash
until you're nothing but blown away
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 1 15
Worn II
She leads a quiet life, under the clouds filled with strife
The rain falls down like knives, and she can't sleep.
The sun hides away, from her eyes old and gray
She doesn't want to stay, but she can't speak.
And she can't speak
No, she can't speak
Thoughts swirl around her mind, as she thinks about the time
These years have been so unkind, she can't escape the sound.
Images dance around like flies, her spirit crumbles and dies
Her will fades into a cry, down tumbles her crown.
And she can't speak
No, she can't speak
Her heart struggles to keep, up with the mind that never sleeps
Finds herself surrounded and deep, and no one else knows.
They never listen that long, they just tell her she's wrong
No one wants to come along, so quietly she goes.
Because she can't speak
She can't speak
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 2 10
Here and Away
I watch you come but mostly go
I watch you stay, away
I wonder if the change will come
But I'm afraid I must go
With these thoughts I feel so low
And with them I am alone
I am afraid to just go
Because you might change
I watch me, placed aside
I watch you falter too many times
I watch the mood change with the tide
It's the only change I see
I hear the change in my pocket
As I walk alone
With you beside me
And you're gone
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 4 7
It Beats
My heart beats
And then I know it's there
You are all I wanted to keep
Wait, you can't even care
Not the way you should
I feel my heart beat
It's the only thing I feel
There is nothing I may keep
Because everything is yours to steal
But it's not the way it should be
There is no where to turn
I cannot escape forward or back
You are all that I yearned
And now you are all that I lack
This isn't how I want it to be
I cannot find my angel
Now I don't know if it was ever there
I approach at every angle
And it ends in despair
And it's not the way it should be
I wish you could feel the hurt like I do
Because you don't, you can't, won't.
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 1 3
In My Windowsill by Todderiffic In My Windowsill :icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 0 5
Be Someone
I can still remember the day I died
The flesh lived on but on the inside..
You were an angel, light atop your head
But then betrayed, I was left for dead
"But why?" I cried
And I never understood
Why did you leave me here,
All alone in this wood?
I don't know where I'm going
But I remember where I've been
And I can't get back there
Because now, that was then
So much is changed and so much the same
I do not know you or why you have came
Or why you stay is the real mystery I seek
And still you slip off, away into the deep
"But why?" I cried "Why are you here?"
You could be someone, you could be with someone!
You could be someone other than you
I only wish that were the truth
I can still remember the day I died
The flesh lived on but on the inside..
You were an angel, light atop your head
But then betrayed, I was left for dead
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 2 3
Mature content
Save Me :icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 0 7
Mature content
toujours nue sans amour :icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 1 9
Paper Trail
You made me lose my rhythm
And with it went my wisdom
I've got nothing but this paper
And this little paint scraper
Where it went, nobody knows
I followed it down the brown brick road
Clutchin' on to a dream of new
All I got is these bills-a-due
And all I know is what is true
But I can't sing all these blues
So I'm gonna write all of it down
Take this liquor and hope it drowns
Oh and they can't touch me now
I'm hanging on to the performer's bow
You sure can't touch me in here
I always get too close and disappear
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 0 10
Where You Begin by Todderiffic Where You Begin :icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 0 7
Rain Alone
Let me alone for awhile
It hasn't rained in weeks
It needs to pour once more
to keep me clear of thought
I've loved nothing for awhile
to keep it all inside
I stop no more to listen
To listen to the birds sing
Nor do I hear the cricket chirp
or notice what is seen
It is all just noise to me
The chattering never stops
I don't care what they want
Rain, clear it out
Rain, keep me clean
Keep me free
It is all just noise to me
Words are forgotten
when they leave your lips
Might as well be forgotten
before they reach my ear
They mean as much to me
as I do to all of you.
But they never stop
I care not of what they want
Rain, clear it out
Rain, keep me clean
Rain!  Make me free!
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 2 6
Toujours by Todderiffic Toujours :icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 2 3
Leave The Nothing
Sift through my mind of grit and salt
Until the pleasure comes of fault
Weigh the conscience of your tale
Measure me up until you fail
You will find nothing here worth a thing
What is found will be only what you bring
I offer nothing forward and do not return
So here there is nothing for you to learn
But return, you will, to this empty place
To find something that's nothing, something erased
Reassure, I will, of this void that exists
I promise there's nothing of worth to reminisce
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 3 10
Throw It Back
For the end that came but is gone
For our destiny that had been drawn
For the night that never dawned
I beg for an ending
For the firefly I could never catch
And the wind as cool and untamed
For the end that never really came
You are the same, just the same
For this end that came and went and was never
This dream I dreamed forever
For us, to be apart, not together
I want it all erased
I want you to be who you were
That person that I never knew
You, with your mislaid mirror
Things could never have been clearer
I am the problem as well as the design
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 1 10
Out from freedom, where happiness lies
Into containment, here the spirit is despised
The peace was loved by no one but me
And there was only myself as far as I could see
Looking to the left and looking to the right
Just how I left it as I took my flight
Existing with the quiet just as I left
This is your trouble, this is your theft
All of my wisdom can't help me now
I've learned only how to keep my vow
I need to push forward and forget what is lost
But you can't help looking back into the exhaust
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 5 9
Fix Me
Sweet talk until I am asleep
A voice contenting me into the deep
Pillow, please, swallow my head
Take me in until the memory is dead
Love me quietly while I am awake
A whisper deserving of blissful mistake
Lick my wounds as I fall apart
Into the pillow as I depart
Stay forever until I am not here
Your words are the only thing sincere
I cannot match what others are not
But I am only what others forgot
Feel free to use this wasted space
As long as I may see your pretty face
Fix these breaks, fix this sappy
As long as it will only make you happy
Sweet talk until I am asleep
A voice contenting me into the deep
Pillow, please, swallow my head
Take me in until the memory is dead
:icontodderiffic:Todderiffic 6 17

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Wowwy...I have been gone for a long time.  Reading all of my journal entries and seeing all the people that I used to talk to that are gone now makes me SO SAD.  :(


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